MobilDaq: data acquisition system

The conditioning and data acquisition system NI CompactDAQ is now integrated and interfaced in our WinATS software. This hardware and software package allows you to measure both electrical and sensors signals for laboratory or mobile measurements applications. Easy to use, the MobilDaq reach economic price of data logger and performance of modular instruments.
Its modular conception allows you to combine plug in modules to acquire directly electrical, physical, mechanical, or vibration measurements. All functionality are integrated in one box.

The MobilDaq is designed for mobile or onboard applications. It is powered from
220VAC or 9-30VDC and/or internal battery allows you measurements onboard or on site.
MobilDaq is available in two size for up 48 or 64 channels like voltage, temperature, strain gauge sensors, IEPE accelerometers, RTD’s 4-20mA transmitters, ...

MobilDaq: All in One

MobilDaq can combine data acquisition of statics signals and dynamics signals with a sample rate up to 50 Ks/S per channel.
RTD’s or thermocouple for temperature measurement and accelerometers or strain gage sensors for vibrations or pressure are combined on the same box. The sample rate is defined for each channel.
Its modular conception allows you to add different type of channels. Just plug the right conditioning and data acquisition module and its connecting plate design for connectors you used. Connecting plate are removable and changeable.
Connectors, conditioning, Digital conversion. All is in the rugged and compact box..
MobilDaq is connected to the PC via standard USB interface available on all computers.
Design for mobile application, USB and power connectors are screwed to avoid any
connection trouble during measurements.

MobilDaq: technical features

Many conditioning and data acquisition modules are available for Voltages, Current, Resistors, Thermocouples, RTD’s, Strain gage, accelerometers, IEPE measurements. Digital signal from TTL up to 60V are also acquired. Depending of your requirement, analog inputs are referenced or differential.
Number of channels, frequency and resolution are designed for each module type. from 4 up to 32 channels, 10Hz up to 100kHz per channel or 800Khz aggregate with 12 bits up to 24 bits resolution.
From one up to three sample frequency could be defined for high and low speed signals. By this way you can acquire for example 16 dynamics channels at 100kHz each and 16 temperature at 10 Hz.

MobilDaq: specifications

  • Black stainless steel box
  • Screwed B type USB Connector
  • Screwed Power supply connector
  • ON/OFF Button with Led
  • 230 VAC external adaptor
  • USB cable 1m to PC connection
  • 6 Panlets (8 in XL version) with connectors size : 84 x 41 mm
  • Size (L x H x P): 350 x 110 x 230 mm
  • Weigth 3kg with modules.

MobilDaq box