ArCAN: CAN frames sending and reception

Is a turnkey software, easy to use without setup. It’s design so spy one or few CAN / LIN buses allowing to the user to store the CAN frames without any effect on the bus. The usercan also chose to send frames on the CAN bus.
Application example: Read data on the CAN/LIN bus of a test bench or vehicles.

ArCAN: real time visualization

You can create a real time visualization of the frames and data during the test.

  • Graphical objects for data like scope, LED, bargraph, display, analog bargraph and more….
  • Or frames representation like table with binary or Hexadecimal tvalues.

This real time visualization could be changed dynamically during the data  acquisition :

  • Data are also extracted from the frames and shown as curves or values.

ArCAN: alarms

  • Alarms setting are available to define the reception of specific frames or the value changing of data..

ArCAN: frame filtering

  • ArCAN allows to limit frames reception by filtering only frames you want to see.

ArCAN: CAN/LIN database

  • All frames of interest can be stored in a database.
  • This database can be modified during test to any new set of frames.
  • For each frame you can define the associated data (name, type, size, unit scaling, etc. ..)

ArCAN: data storage

Data are stored on different way:

  • On-demand : the user decide when he wants to store datas.
  • Automatic : all frames are stored.

All frames could be converted in csv or WinATS format.