SYSMA is a software development company specialized in providing powerful 0nboard Measurement Systems and Test Benches Control Solutions.

SYSMA provide to car’s manufacturers, as aerospace industries and theirs sub suppliers, the tools to study performance, durability and endurance of their mechanical components.
Among the many applications and solutions brought by SYSMA to automotive, aerospace and generally mechanical industries, we can highlight the following ones:

Endurance and characterization tests for mechanical components like:

  • Brake systems.
  • Clutch.
  • Transmission.
  • Servo commands.
  • Gear box and gear level shift.
  • Steering.
  • Dampers, conrods and axles.
  • Dashboard, cockpits, seat & opening systems.


On-board and stand-alone measurements allows them :

  • To qualify durability and endurance of their components.
  • To validate simulation model and new technology limitations.
  • To evaluate in-use performance of their equipments.


The SYSMA software includes the full functionalities for Data acquisition and Test bed control. SYSMA has a strong track record of software development and continues to add additional features to meet the needs of the customers.

SYSMA is selling its products on an international basis. One of SYSMA current strategic objectives is to expand its sales and distribution network by creating new sales channel Worldwide.

SYSMA is seeking to find new strong partner companies, reaching directly its many potential customers.

Based on SYSMA’s experience, we are looking for partner companies with :

  • A very good knowledge at least of one focus industries of SYSMA.
  • A very good knowledge and experience of the measuring & testing equipment market.
  • A good technical background and a team to support customers in the implementation of testing systems.
  • An interest and a strategic fit with SYSMA’s goal to develop the proactive selling of data acquisition and test beds control software.


SYSMA will contribute to your success:

  • By expanding your business into well-targeted growing markets.
  • By generating significant additional revenues and margins.
  • By providing good opportunities to develop additional business, servicing and integrating our technology.

If you are interesting to distribute and integrate our software for Data Acquisition and Test bench control, please contact us.