IterAction: computing for test benches

On Multi Actuators Test benches (with hydraulics, or electrical actuators) the action of each actuator as an effect on the others. This effect could not always compensated by the PID control loop system.
The IterAction software solves this problem. By identifying and analyzing the different interactions of the actuators the IterAction software define the right command signals to achieve the right result.
Your test is more accurate and execution is faster.

IterAction: better than PID control loop

With PID control Loop you could achieve the right result but settings could be very difficult and takes many time.
Also the generation speed will be reduced to allows the PID control loop.
With IterAction Software the preparation and setting of the test is faster than PID setting.
Also your test is nearest than reality.

IterAction: operating mode

The IterAction Software begins to identify the behaviour of your test bench. With these datas the first command signal is computed and injected.
The error between command and feedback signals is computed. This error is compensated on a new command signal. After few repetitions the right command signal is reach for the right response.