Marathon: for your command control

  • Inputs : Analog / Digital / CAN / LIN / CANOpen / Modbus / EtherCAT / PWM / frequency acquisitions.

  • Outputs : Analog / Digital / CAN / LIN / CANOpen / Modbus / EtherCAT / PWM acquisitions.

  • Data storage with different criteria. Alarms and logbook particularly adapted to tests follow-up of endurance and characterization.

Marathon: Multi Test Benches Management software

Marathon was born from collaboration with cars’ manufacturers and its performances are recognized for characterization and endurance testing of mechanical equipments.

  • Test management.
  • Real Time Acquisition, Control & Monitoring.
  • Security.
  • Automation.
  • Storage.
  • User openness.

Marathon: Incomparable strengths

  • Fast implementation of your tests.
  • Configuration without programming, standard software.
  • Graphical interface 100% configurable.
  • Real time acquisition, control & monitoring.
  • Multi test benches management.
  • Interface with the almost of PC’s Analog/Digital boards, CAN bus and data acquisition devices available on the market.

Marathon: Efficient, complete and adapted to your needs

  • “Standard” mode for data acquisition & control, up to maximum board sampling rates.
  • “Real time” mode for deterministic data acquisition & control, up to aggregate frequency of 160 KHz.
  • “Multi benches management” mode to control up to 8 benches with one PC.
  • “PID regulation” mode up to 10 KHz.