MAGELLAN is a data acquisition system based on embedded PC board. It allows during on-board tests, the monitoring, the recording and the data analysis of various physical parameters and can also be used as a datalogger or a black-box. Additionally, setup, visualisation or trigger can be remoted through PDA or PC, with WIFI, Ethernet or Internet connection.
Each channel of Magellan can be recorded at different sample rates, and the CPU can proceed at real time computing. The record can be started or stopped automatically or under conditions.


SYSMA has concentrated its experiment and its know-how to carry out MAGELLAN III, a data acquisition system, intended for the measurement department of car manufacturers and their subsuppliers for the onboard measurements and controls.

MAGELLAN III allows the measurement of physical parameters such as: effort, speed, torque, pressure, acceleration, temperature, displacement, frequency, counting, voltage, current ... but also the recording of information coming from digital buses with LIN, CAN, VAN, IEEE 488, RS-232 protocols.

MAGELLAN III is also available as a stand alone system to acquire data or/and generate simultaneously stored signals. This function is well applied for characterization test.

MAGELLAN III is built around an embedded PC board, and multi-sensors conditioning system. MAGELLAN has many assets such high sample rate, high count channels for sensors inputs, analog or digital inputs/outputs, counters and frequency measurement. It is built with modern’s high capacity storage units and for on-board measurements, is available with rugged accessories like screen, directional keyboard, attachment unit or remote control and WIFI connection to PDA or PC.

Turnkey solutions

SYSMA built data acquisition systems, including hardware and software, for all types of onboard measurements such as automotive, railways, aerospace or navy application.

we have also interfaced with our software main data acquisition system available on the market like HBM MGCPlus® and Spider 8®, National Instruments PXI/PCI/DAQ® and Iotech DaqBook®,  Nimtech® , Axiom®, Vector®, Agilent® and some others requested by customers..


Example systems