SYSMA : The test benches specialist

SYSMA provides turnkey solutions for endurance or characterization’s test benches, including control, monitoring, data acquisition, storage and test bench security functions.

We are able to operate at the time of a new test bench project or during retrofits’ operations. In this case we can assume the project management.

In most of cases, our solutions are built in a 19'' closet, integrating the measurement systems, and allow you to control, acquire, store and analyse datas coming from :

  • Analog or Digital inputs.
  • Analog or Digital outputs.
  • RS232 / RS485 serial interfaces.
  • IEEE-488 / USB / Ethernet / interfaces.
  • CAN / VAN / ARINC buses.

So, you can measure any physical unit coming from sensors, transducers or measurement instruments.

All our solutions are based on our standard software Marathon - for test bench management - and WinATS -for data acquisition and post processing-. We add, if needed, specific functions requested by the users.
The software is using a very simple Human Machine Interface and no programation is needed.

Example systems