Endurance and fatigue testing center, test on customer specifications

  • Mono and Multi Axels tests on mechanical components.
  • 120 sqm of laboratory
  • Two 6 sqm testing areas
  • Six hydraulics actuators from 5 to 30 KN
  • Hydraulic system with 208 bar pressure and 120 l/min

Statics and dynamics measurements:

  • Deformation (bonding strain gages to customer specification)
  • Force (500 N to 30 kN)
  • Torque or moment
  • Linear displacement (25 mm to 300 mm) and angular
  • Acceleration (2 g to 50 g)
  • Temperature
  • Our control system allows us to perform multi axels testing of structures such as:
    • Static or dynamic forces
    • Stiffness
    • Fatigue
    • Endurance
    • Reproduction of synthetic signals or real strain
    • Follow-cracking by method of bleeding

The control system

Our test and control system is based on the Marathon 9.1 Software for real-time
multichannel data acquisition and multi-platform.
The post processing and test reports generation are done with our WinATS
The test reports are in compliance with customers’ standard.