We are certified for professional training, and we are able to teach your team on our WinATS & Marathon software either on your site or during training course in our building.

We can provide also renting systems for trainings.

Marathon: 3 days training

  • Overview and Real Time Kernel presentation.
  • The software environment description.
  • Signal and graphic editor.
  • Configure your control & monitoring test.
  • Channels description (analog and digital I/O, Calculated channels, CAN, PID and counters).
  • Cycle description (control signals).
  • Limits and alarms description.
  • Storage of your datas.
  • Test configuration and real time visualization.
  • Check your test’s configuration before test’s launch.
  • Setup your test bench.
  • Launch your test.
  • Use WinATS for post visualization.
  • Use all the information from your test (datas, alarms, history,...).
  • Report generation with Microsoft Excel® sheets.

WinATS: 2 days training

Level 1

  • WinATS Overview.
  • Installation procedure.
  • Functionalities description.
  • Configure your measurement.
  • Data acquisition parameters.
  • Launch your measurement.
  • Display your data.
  • Configure the visualization tools.
  • Make calculation on and between channels.
  • Mathematics functions description.
  • Automation through the macro commands editor.

Level 2

  • WinATS Overview.
  • Principles and functionalities of WinATS Software.
  • Macro commands description.
  • Create and modify a macro command.
  • Variable’s description and using.
  • Variables, conditions and instructions.
  • Use the macro commands for automation.
  • Link macro commands (*).
  • Methodology.
  • Application’s example.

(*) Or communication with external programs.