WinATS: For any kind of measurement

WinATS software is performing data acquisition, measurement, real time analysis and visualization, signal processing and report generation.

  • Setup and measurement from main PC’s board and data acquisition devices’ manufacturers.
  • Real Time processing and visualization.
  • Post analysis and report generation.
  • Automation tasks through macro commands.

WinATS: Incomparable strengths

  • Fast implementation of your measurements.
  • Configuration without programming, standard software.
  • Graphical interface 100% configurable.
  • Interface with the almost of PC’s Analog/Digital boards, CAN Bus and data acquisition devices available on the market.
  • Simultaneous acquisitions and datation of Analog/Digital IO, CAN Bus, RS 232, IEEE 488.
  • Real Time acquisition and computing.
  • Signal generation.
  • Direct storage on Hard Disk Drive.

WinATS: Efficient, complete and adapted to your needs

  • “Standard” mode for data acquisition & control, up to maximum board sampling rates.
  • “External mode” for sampling rate by external clock.
  • “Sequence mode”.
  • “NVH mode” (Noise Vibration Harshness).
  • “Real Time” mode for deterministic data acquisition, up to aggregate frequency of 80 KHz.