WinATS Xpress

WinATS Xpress: for all types of mesure

A turnkey software dedicated to data post processing requirement including visualization, computing, report generation and test sequence automatisation.
Data postprocessing comes from data acquisition systems used with WinATS &
Marathon software or from files in ASCII, Excel, Matlab, RPCIII format.
WinATS Xpress allows you to realize post processing of the data on a simple desk
computer not dedicated to measurement or data acquisition.
Powerful, easy of use, WinATS Xpress allows you to configure your post processing
functions without programming, through dialog boxes. Its highly ergonomic interface includes a toolbar with all math functions available. An explorer on the left side allows access to data stored on the disk.

WinATS Xpress: visualization

  • Temporal and Frequential Visualization
  • Yt and XY Visualization
  • Linear or logarithmic scales
  • Multi Graphics pages
  • ZOOM Functions
  • Calculations beetween cusrsors
  • Customized presentation with graphics tools

WinATS Xpress: math functions

  • +, -, *, /, and
  • Intégration, dérivation
  • Interpolation
  • Interprétation
  • Trigonométric et logarithmic fonctions
  • Linear, polynomials and exponentials fits
  • Time and level offset adjustments  
  • Point adjustement, auto search function

WinATS Xpress: signal functions

  • Frequential computing (FFT, IFFT)
  • Smooth average
  • Power spectrum, amplitude, phase, complex spectrum
  • Ponderation windows
  • Transfert function, coherence
  • Digital filtering, inverse filteting
  • Statistiq (mean, max, min, standard deviation)